In a way, YES! Laughter is increasingly being seen as good medicine for people with dementia and their families, as I reported in PBS Next Avenue. Please read the full article here

Researchers aren't yet sure why women account for two-thirds of Alzheimer's cases. But the brain changes of menopause seem to be connected. For Woman's Day magazine (April 2019 print edition), I wrote this essay about what it's like to be a subject in a study on perime...

In a word, maybe.

"Scientists now think a complex mix of lifestyle, genes, age, environment, and health conditions leads to the brain changes of Alzheimer's--up to 20 or 25 years before obvious symptoms."

"'Alzheimer's is finally joining the list of diseases we can hav...

You might be surprised to learn that there’s no single definition of the “stages of Alzheimer’s.” Several different staging approaches are variously used; all reflect the fact that Alzheimer’s is a degenerative disease (it gets gradually worse) that progresses along a...

I hear that question a lot. Doctors also hear a variation of this confusion. “It looks like dementia,” they might tell a patient, and he or she  (or a family member) replies with relief, “Whew! At least it’s not Alzheimer’s!”

Alzheimer’s IS dementia.  Other things...

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